The Power of Vocalisation During Birth

Posted 19 May 2024

In the sacred journey that is childbirth, women uncover depths of strength previously unknown. Amid the swirl of emotions, intense physical sensations, and the monumental act of bringing new life into the world, lies a powerful yet often overlooked tool: vocalisation. By embracing their voice, women can transform their birthing experience, channelling inner power and connecting deeply with their innate wisdom. This vocal expression becomes a guiding force, helping them navigate the profound rite of passage into motherhood.

Vocalisation during birth is not mere noise; it is a primal expression of the body’s innate wisdom. It is the raw manifestation of the intense energy coursing through a woman during labour.

In this blog, we will delve into the power of vocalisation during childbirth and how you can use it to transform your birthing experience.

Understanding the Power of Vocalisation

At its core, vocalisation during birth is a natural response to the sensations and rhythms of labour. It encompasses a spectrum of sounds, from low moans to deep chants, primal roars to rhythmic breathing. These sounds serve as a conduit for releasing tension, moving through pain, and channelling energy.

In many traditional cultures, vocalisation has been revered as an integral part of the birthing process. Ancient rituals and practices often incorporate chanting, singing, and vocalising to facilitate labour and honour the passage of new life. These cultures recognise that sound carries energy, and by vocalising, women can harness this energy to navigate the journey of childbirth.

Woman practicing prenatal vocalisation

The Benefits of Vocalisation

Pain Management:

Vocalisation stimulates the release of endorphins, the body’s natural pain-relieving hormone. By vocalising, women can ease the intensity of contractions and minimise discomfort during labour.

Emotional Release

Labour is an emotionally charged experience, fraught with a spectrum of emotions from fear, excitement, and anticipation. Vocalisation provides an outlet for expressing these emotions, allowing women to release tension and surrender to the process.

Enhanced Focus

Focusing on rhythmic vocalisation can help women enter a meditative/hypnotic state, where they are fully present in the moment. This heightened state of awareness allows for greater focus and clarity, enabling women to navigate labour with confidence and determination.

Connection and Support

Vocalising during birth fosters a deep sense of connection between the birthing woman and her caregiver team. Partners, doulas, and midwives can use vocal cues to gauge the progress of labour and provide guidance and encouragement as needed.

Practical Tips for Vocalising During Birth

Find Your Voice

Experiment with different sounds and pitches to discover what feels most comfortable and effective for you. Whether it’s a low hum or a high-pitched cry, trust your instincts and let your body guide you.

Practice Prenatal Vocalisation

Incorporate vocalisation into your prenatal routine to familiarise yourself with the process. Practise deep breathing exercises combined with vocal sounds to establish a rhythm that you can draw upon during labour. By immersing themselves in the rhythm of their breath and voice, women can cultivate a deep sense of inner strength and resilience. During our Hypnobirthing classes, we explore the power of vocalisation through breath, hypnosis scripts, and rhythmic sounds.

Create a Supportive Environment

Surround yourself with a supportive birth team who understands and respects the power of vocalisation.

Stay Open and Flexible

Childbirth is unpredictable, and your vocalisation techniques may evolve throughout the labour process. Stay open to experimentation and adapt your approach as needed to meet what you need in the moment.


In the sacred journey of childbirth, vocalisation emerges as a potent tool for tapping into the primal strength within. By harnessing the power of sound, women can navigate the journey of labour with grace, resilience, and empowerment. As we embrace the wisdom of vocalisation, we honour the innate wisdom of the body and the transformative potential of birth. Unlock the power within. Embrace the sound of your strength. Let vocalisation be your guide on the journey to motherhood.

If you would love to learn the power of your voice and other tools you can use to support you during labour, birth and beyond, enrol in one of our Hypnobirthing Classes today.

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