Birth Mapping

Map Your Way To A More Positive & Empowering Birthing Experience

Welcome to a transformative journey that empowers you to take control of your birthing experience. At Maiden Meets Mother, we believe in the power of informed choice and personalised mother-centric care. 

Birth Mapping is designed to guide you through the intricate pathways of birth, ensuring you feel confident, prepared, and supported every step of the way.

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What is Birth Mapping?

Birth Mapping is a revolutionary approach to childbirth preparation and birth plans, rooted in the belief that every birth is unique and deserves a tailored plan.

Sessions provide a comprehensive framework to explore your options, values and the various scenarios you might encounter and the decision points along the way during your birthing journey.

By mapping out these pathways, you gain clarity and confidence, enabling you to make a birth plan based on informed decisions that align with your values and desires.

“The Birthing Woman Determines The Direction.

By providing her with the questions, she is better able to make informed decisions."

- Catherine Bell

Exploring Your Pathways

Preparing for the pathways ahead allows for pre-consideration, informed decision-making, and healthy communication with your caregivers and can reduce the likelihood of birth trauma.



Straightforward birth scenario, ensuring decisions are understood and respected by your care team.



Includes decisions made for deviations in your plan, ensuring informed choices in unforeseen circumstances.



For post-birth and during your postpartum healing, ensuring optimal recovery and facilitating healthy relationships.

How we can work together.


Birth Mapping Sessions

Your Birth Mapping Journey consists of two deeply enriching sessions, each designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need for a positive birthing experience.

Session One: Mapping Your 3 Pathways

In this initial session, we delve into your values, needs, boundaries and any concerns you may have about childbirth. Together, we will:

  • Explore different birthing scenarios and options
  • Discuss your values and priorities for your birth experience
  • Identify potential pathways and map out a Birth Plan
  • Facilitate healthy communication between you and your birth team

This session is about empowerment and discovery, giving you a comprehensive view of the possibilities and helping you put the steps in place tofeel prepared for whatever comes your way.

Session Two: Reviewing Your Birth Plan

The second session is a dedicated review of your Birth Plan. We will:

  • Refine and discuss your Birth plan based on any new information or changes in your circumstances
  • Ensure that your plan is practical, detailed, and reflects you
  • Discuss strategies for effective communication with your birth team to ensure your plan is respected and implemented
  • Focus on mother-centric care, ensuring your needs and decisions are prioritised
  • Equip your birth partner with the knowledge and confidence to advocate for you

This session ensures that you and your birth partner are ready to navigate your birth journey with confidence and peace of mind.

Bonus: Includes a free digital copy of "The Birth Map" by Catherine Bell


Suzy is such a beautiful and supportive space holder. Her powerful vision and knowledge on how to guide women and mothers into their power is such a healing experience to watch and receive.

I found my sessions with Suzy healing and insightful as well as safe and supported. A highlight for me would be her ability to take me to a place of deeper inner child healing, allowing me to receive the wisdom I needed in her safe guided space and then later being able to move into a completely different direction with me as I needed guidance in another area.

Her ability to guide and flow with what needed to come through at the moment and also keep my intention the focus was truly so powerful. I’m looking forward to meeting again soon. I would highly recommend maiden meets mother As a powerful and safe loving container where Suzy has so much expertise to support you on your journey in whatever way you need. Thank you so much Suzy looking forward to our next session.

- Kiralee

I chose to have some sessions with Suzy at Maiden Meets Mother because I wanted to have some clarity and peace for some internal conflicts I was having.

I found it was amazing!

Her approach is very gentle, knowing and she guides you. She will never tell you what to do but with her questions and also the reflections, you will have a lot of AHA moments! Her experience of tapping into someone’s heart or helping you really listen to your heart is important because it is where all the answers are, particularly on a topic that is so important such as motherhood.

Why I recommend Suzy! She really takes the time to understand what you want from the sessions, what is holding you back and how you can move forward. Also, she gave me exercises which I found amazing. She gave me more than I was expecting
Meditations, exercises and fun exercises I could do daily.

I would highly recommend Suzy from Maiden Meets Mother and to have sessions with her because they are absolutely valuable!

- Carolina

I booked Suzy from Maiden Meets Mother for a Coaching session and I have been seeing her for months now.

I originally booked a Discovery Call and I’ve been so grateful for her service. I contacted her because I was going through a massive change in my life. I switched careers and moved cities and it was such a stressful time.

The second I spoke to Suzy, she put me at ease straight away. Talking to her is easy.
She gives so much empathy, and care, and I feel listened to. She created such a safe space for me and I look forward to every session that we have. She has taught me so many valuable skills and I now deal with stress in a different way than before.

I really recommend her to anybody and I will continue to see her in the future.

- Priscilla

    “A Birth Plan is not filled with wishes or preferences. It's a summary of your informed decisions”

    - Suzy

    Benefits of Birth Mapping

    • Facilitate healthy communication with your birth team
    • Make informed decisions about your care
    • Prepare thoroughly for birth with a well-thought-out Birth Plan

    • Embrace mother-centric care, ensuring your preferences are prioritised
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    Healing, Growing and Transformation is a journey that is uniquely sacred to you

    To discover how Birth Mapping can support you on your Maiden to Mother Journey, I invite you to book a complimentary discovery call where together we will discover which pathway is right for you.
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    I look forward to meeting you and guiding you on your incredible sacred journey into birthing your most authentic self.


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