Embrace Your Natural Ability to Give Birth

Posted 07 Jul 2022

Dear Mama to be….

Your little one is growing inside you without conscious direction or thought. Your body has supported, homed and nourished your baby’s growth and development all these months.

So when did we start to believe that our body suddenly didn’t know how to finish the job?

You are perfectly designed for birth

Birthing is in fact an instinctual behaviour (Just the same as your heart beats, your eyes blink and your lungs breathe), and therefore you do not need to be taught how to birth but more so remember the wisdom your body holds and…

learn the tools to support you to drop out of your head and into your body to allow it to do what it knows how to do.

Animals are a wonderful reminder of the power of birth and how capable we are of calmly and safely welcoming our babies into the world.

So what gets in the way?

Let’s first talk about the human brain! (I promise I won’t go too deep into this!)

birthing brain

Our brain is split into 3 main regions:

Our primitive brain: Governs all our instinctual activity (Breathing, Digestion, Body temperature, Heartbeat etc and yes…


Limbic System: Responsible for Nurturing, Feelings  Memory and emotions

The seat of our consciousness, the part of our brain that governs our most advanced functions such as decision making, language, planning and logic

Why does knowing this matter when it comes to birth?

When we activate the Neocortex part of our brain it inhibits our primitive brain and gets in the way of our birthing which may result in

prolonged or stalled labour and irregular surges. 

So what causes this part of your brain to be activated?

  • Bright Lights
  • Eye Contact
  • Being Asked Questions
  • Decision Making
  • Feeling like you’re being observed

Can you think of any place where this is common and also not ideal?

How do we create an atmosphere that is

optimal for birthing ?

  • Dim Lighting
  • Privacy
  • Familiar Smells & Sounds
birthing environment

And most importantly…

 Having your birth partner be the Neocortex for you.

This means your birth partner is the advocate, and communicator in the room for you and your baby to allow you to let go and let your body and baby do what they need to do.
pregnant birthing woman

In the Hypnobirthing Australia ™ Positive Birth Program we will cover:

How to create an optimal birthing environment, support you with learning the techniques to allow you to drop into your body and facilitate healthy and important conversations with you and your birth partner to bring you together  as a team and have them be your Neo-Cortex.

Check out the Hypnobirthing Australia ™ Positive Birth Program Course Outline here

Or Book a Complimentary Matrescence DiscoverySession to explore even more deeply how you can be supported on your pregnancy journey.

With love x,

Suzy HBCE and founder of Maiden Meets Mother.

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