Matrescence Coaching

Transform Your Journey into Motherhood with Guidance and Support

Embrace the profound transformation of becoming a mother with personalised support and guidance. Matrescence Coaching helps you navigate the unique journey from Maidenhood to Motherhood, offering the tools, insights, and confidence you need to thrive.

What is Matrescence?

Matrescence is the transformative journey women experience as they transition into motherhood. Similar to adolescence, it involves significant physical, emotional, and psychological changes. Understanding and embracing this journey is crucial for your well-being and fulfilment as a mother.

Just as nature follows its seasons and cycles, we too experience phases of change. We have a choice: resist this change or embrace the possibilities it offers. It's an opportunity to delve into the depths of who we are becoming and step into the most authentic version of ourselves as a woman and as a mother.

“Reclaiming childbirth as a rite of passage requires us to recognise that mothers own the power and expertise when it comes to birthing their babies”.

- Dr Rachel Reed

Your Rites of Passage

It's time to heal, reclaim, honour and transform on your journey from Maiden to Mother.



Unravelling, Letting go, Shedding, Greiving, Awareness, Leaving the familiar, Pregnancy/Early Labour


The in-between space, Learning, Growth, Transition, Emerging, Breakthrough, Reclaiming, Birth


Community, Return, Acknowledgement, Reintegration, Acceptance, New way of being, Postpartum

How we can work together.


Maiden to Mother Coaching

Give Birth to your Authentic Self

Tailored for all women on their Maiden to Mother journey seeking to uncover & embrace their unique version of womanhood and meet the mother within. Sessions help you redefine your identity, enhance your emotional well-being, & build stronger relationships

Key Benefits:

Clarifying Your Life Direction: Gain clarity on your life path and purpose, aligning your actions with your true values.

Emotional Well-being: Navigate the emotional highs and lows of motherhood.

Relationship Dynamics: Strengthen and manage changes in relationships as you grow.

Self-care Strategies: Develop sustainable self-care routines that nurture your well-being.

Empowerment and Confidence: Build the confidence to trust your instincts and make empowered decisions.

Cultivating Self-Expression: Embrace your unique voice and perspective, expressing yourself authentically in all areas of life.


Pregnancy & Matrescence Coaching

Support During Pregnancy & Postpartum

Tailored for pregnant women, these sessions guide you through the transformative journey of Matrescence. Receive personalised support, guidance & insights to prepare for the shifts ahead. Nurture your well-being, gaining tools to navigate pregnancy with grace & confidence.

Key Benefits:

Preparation for Motherhood: Gain insights and tools as you transition into motherhood.

Identity Transformation: Redefine and embrace your identity as a mother and a woman.

Emotional Support: Navigate pregnancy's emotional spectrum with resilience & compassion.

Stress Management: Develop healthy strategies as you prepare for childbirth.

Self-care Strategies: Develop sustainable self-care routines that nurture your well-being.

Empowerment: Cultivate confidence and strength for a positive birth experience.


    Suzy is such a beautiful and supportive space holder. Her powerful vision and knowledge on how to guide women and mothers into their power is such a healing experience to watch and receive.

    I found my sessions with Suzy healing and insightful as well as safe and supported. A highlight for me would be her ability to take me to a place of deeper inner child healing, allowing me to receive the wisdom I needed in her safe guided space and then later being able to move into a completely different direction with me as I needed guidance in another area.

    Her ability to guide and flow with what needed to come through at the moment and also keep my intention the focus was truly so powerful. I’m looking forward to meeting again soon. I would highly recommend maiden meets mother As a powerful and safe loving container where Suzy has so much expertise to support you on your journey in whatever way you need. Thank you so much Suzy looking forward to our next session.

    - Kiralee

    I chose to have some sessions with Suzy at Maiden Meets Mother because I wanted to have some clarity and peace for some internal conflicts I was having.

    I found it was amazing!

    Her approach is very gentle, knowing and she guides you. She will never tell you what to do but with her questions and also the reflections, you will have a lot of AHA moments! Her experience of tapping into someone’s heart or helping you really listen to your heart is important because it is where all the answers are, particularly on a topic that is so important such as motherhood.

    Why I recommend Suzy! She really takes the time to understand what you want from the sessions, what is holding you back and how you can move forward. Also, she gave me exercises which I found amazing. She gave me more than I was expecting
    Meditations, exercises and fun exercises I could do daily.

    I would highly recommend Suzy from Maiden Meets Mother and to have sessions with her because they are absolutely valuable!

    - Carolina

    I booked Suzy from Maiden Meets Mother for a Coaching session and I have been seeing her for months now.

    I originally booked a Discovery Call and I’ve been so grateful for her service. I contacted her because I was going through a massive change in my life. I switched careers and moved cities and it was such a stressful time.

    The second I spoke to Suzy, she put me at ease straight away. Talking to her is easy.
    She gives so much empathy, and care, and I feel listened to. She created such a safe space for me and I look forward to every session that we have. She has taught me so many valuable skills and I now deal with stress in a different way than before.

    I really recommend her to anybody and I will continue to see her in the future.

    - Priscilla

      “The Maiden to Mother journey is both a becoming and an unravelling”

      - Suzy

      How does it Work?

      • Initial Consultation: Schedule a complimentary Matrescence Discovery Session to discuss your needs and learn more about how coaching can support you.
      • Personalised Coaching Sessions: Sessions are bespoke and align with your goals and challenges.
      • Ongoing Support: Engage in regular online coaching sessions, with flexible scheduling and options to accommodate your needs and busy life.
      • Continuous Growth: Receive ongoing support and resources to help you navigate your unique Matrescence journey.

      Healing, Growing and Transformation is a journey that is uniquely sacred to you

      To discover how Matrescence Coaching can support you on your Maiden to Mother Journey, I invite you to book a complimentary Matrescence Discovery Session where together we will discover which pathway is right for you.
      Book Your Complimentary Discovery Session
      I look forward to meeting you and guiding you on your incredible sacred journey into birthing your most authentic self.


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