The Birth Comb

A tool that women can use during birth to provide comfort and a distraction from things which may be providing pain, discomfort or anxiety. The Birth Comb is engraved with the words Actually, I CAN. A positive affirmation that can support women through both caesarean birth and labour leading to vaginal birth. This tool works by using the body's Gate Control Theory. Non-painful inputs (the teeth of the comb) close the “gates” to painful input which prevents painful input from travelling to the central nervous system. In other words, acupressure points that lie in the creases of your palm are activated when you squeeze the comb. This also releases endorphins which are your body's natural pain relief.

What is included?

  • 1x Birth Comb
  • 1x Demonstration Card
  • 1x Drawstring Cotton Bag

The Birth Comb is 9.5 cm and fits perfectly into the palm of your hand

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