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The Birth Map by Catherine Bell: Boldly going where no birth plan has gone before. ​Knowing what to ask, and being able to ask well in advance, means the freedom to explore the options. Understanding the various pathways and how they intertwine, means having the power to make Informed Decisions. Midwives say The Birth Map is “the best birth plan they have ever seen, and we wish more women would do this”. Partners welcome the ‘if this, then that’ approach to support, and report the process helps them to feel included and less stressed. Others have described it as Revolutionary. Birth Mapping is about communication, understanding and preparation. Birth Mapping provides a personalised, realistic and reassuring foundation for this important life event. THE BIRTH MAP takes you through the Informed Birth Preparation process, helping you to understand and determine the decision points in birth and prepare for life with a baby. This version has been formatted for online reading.  The print version is designed to be written, and has addition pages for this purpose.  

Product Description

1 x Digital Copy of The Birth Map by Catherine Bell

Link to a digital portal with additional resources and a hub of support.


Section One: The Insights, gives the foundations for understanding the maternity system and your options within it.

Section Two: The Questions, takes you through each pathway (fast birth, expected and contingency).  This is where the personal Birth Map is developed.  The advanced care directive approach creates an ‘if this, then that’ series of decisions to be used by your birth team and care providers during your labour.  It is your birth, your way, no matter what. 

Section Three: beyond the birth, provides a reality check and helps to set up a support network for the early days of parenting.  This section covers preparing for siblings, ‘what is normal’ and breastfeeding.

An appendix completes the book, giving you a glossary of medical terms, a list of recommended readings, and considerations for special circumstances.

The Birth Map is linked to the portal of resources and a hub of support.​ ​

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